Some updates

Been a while since I’ve posted anything, but I am in the process of editing a trailer for Declassified. I am almost done, but am having a little creative block. Had a lot of work stuff and real estate classes so I’ve been a little preoccupied. Press release coming soon as well as the trailer, hopefully in the next few …

Ryan ThompsonSome updates

New BBR Mag!

Been a while since I’ve posted anything. The new BBR mag came out recently and it’s really well done. Lots of good photos and articles. Stoked to see Evan Fa on the cover shot by Robbie Crawford – on a gopro! We also had a new ad for our upcoming video, which is actually the first time we’ve had a …

Ryan ThompsonNew BBR Mag!

North Shore Update Thurs 2/16/12

So it’s been an eventful couple of days out here on the north shore of Oahu. Pipe has been doing her thing all week. On Tuesday we cruised around and I shot some super8 film at keiki. Lots of kids out there getting pounded in the shore break! Yesterday (Wednesday) we shot at OTW and Pipe. I got a decent …

Ryan ThompsonNorth Shore Update Thurs 2/16/12

North Shore Days 2-3

Just hanging back in the room. We got hooked up for the first 2 nights at a place right at Rocky Point. Pretty lucky! Now we are at the Turtle Bay condos. Shot for a bit yesterday and today at Pipe. It’s been firing! Looks like they are gonna start the contest on Wednesday. Anyway, short blog post today. Nap …

Ryan ThompsonNorth Shore Days 2-3

Double Or Nothin – Puerto Escondido

This is the Puerto section from our video Double or Nothin. Featuring Tyler Wiemann, Greyson Waller, Micah McMullin, Jacob Romero, Kris Espinoza, Jose Rutherford, Kona, Happy Zurowski, Ben Player, Damian King, Dave Winchester, and Matt Lackey. Song: Four Minutes til Midnight – Soothing Sunday Puerto Escondido Bodyboarding from SOL Productions on Vimeo.

Ryan ThompsonDouble Or Nothin – Puerto Escondido